You understand the business value of research-based decision-making. What now?

7 Top Reasons Why You Need a PROFESSIONAL to conduct your Market Research

1. It's worth doing right.

Consider the real consequences to your organization if planning decisions are based on flawed, incomplete or misinterpreted data.

2. Looks easy? Don’t be fooled.

Marketing research is a social science that calls for specific techniques to ensure findings are valid, reliable and actionable.  It’s easy for the non-professional to send out a biased survey or mistakenly approach a ‘research’ discussion as they would a business meeting.

3. Knowing what matters and what doesn’t.

Essential to successful marketing research is knowing how to access the right respondents and knowing how to correctly analyze and interpret the meaning of data gathered — skills that come only through professional training and experience. 

4. No ‘personal’ stake in the outcome.

Our aim is to access the best insights for our clients, not to prove matters one way or the other.  Often, challenged hypotheses and unexpected learnings are among the most valuable outcomes of market research.

5. You may be too close to your business.

A depth of industry knowledge or close involvement with your organization’s project gives you perspective not shared by your target markets.  A professional researcher communicates from the position of the respondents to avoid unintended bias. 

6. No holding back.

With a professional practiced in the art of neutral inquiry and anonymity from end research clients, respondents feel at ease to communicate fully and openly

7. Ditch the script and read the person.

An experienced qualitative researcher knows how to follow the respondent’s train of thought as a natural conversation to access the most relevant and insightful results.  We pick up the subtleties in human communication, know when to probe for more and when to move on.